Transfer Switch and Turbo Generators

Transfer Switch

Our company is able to provide comprehensive solutions for the repair, maintenance and installation of transfer switches.

We have trained technicians certified in various manufacturer brands, to reduce downtime in the client’s  facilities.

We offer Transfer Switch repair and maintenance services, such as :

  • Automatic Transfer Switches used in power circuits.
  • Calibration of Systems for Alternative Energy Synchronization.

Turbo Generators

Our company has the experience and capability to provide comprehensive solutions for the repair and maintenance of turbo generators (Diesel, Natural Gas, Gasoline).

We offer services and plans for the predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance of electromechanical power generation equipment, according to national and international standards dealing with the preparation of advances, technical specifications and plans.

We work on the best brands in generators and motors groups.

We employ professionals specializing in the fields of mechanics, electricity and electronics. We also have systems that  enable us to execute large projects in turbo-driven power generation plants

We offer turbo generator repairs such as :

  • Overhauls and Updates
  • We perform recovery work on the package assembly , its instrumentation, gearbox, turbine, generator and other major parts.