PLC programming

Our Company has progamation services of PLC programming of industrial equipment of any kind. Examples of these are programs for Rotary, Plastic, Textiles, Graphic Arts, Food, etc.

We offer programs or solutions in automation of processes through the programming of the various types of PLC on the market, from simple PLC programming with only a few digital inputs and outputs; to those more complex programming with multiple digital inputs, analog outputs, PLC program networks, PLC - PC, program local, central, distributed and remote systems.

Installations of programs of automation, programs of industrial control, the PLC programming- Automation with PLCand instrumentation we make are based on technology of PLC programs, electronic drives, control static and dynamic weighing systems and software control systems and supervision by computer.

We have a full team of professionals that cover all fields which comprise PLC programming and computers in industrial automation.

We develop software or programs through the PLC programming, such as the following examples:

  • PC communication software.
  • PLC, HMI systems.
  • PLC automation networks.
  • PLC centralized and distributed systems.
  • PLC and PC networks with Ethernet
  • Profibus and Modbus systems.

Examples of automation of installations performed:

  •  Program in PLC, control raw material production.
  •  Program in PLC, enamelling lines for controlling the ceramic industry.
  • Program in PLC, systems or programs of silos for dosage of raw materials, with production control databases, barcode scanners, ultrasonic sensors for level detection silos.
  •  Program in PLC, installation of pneumatic conveying of raw material to presses, ovens, mixers, etc.
  •  Program in PLC, combustión boxes for melting furnaces glazes and colored additives

We guarantee that production processes, machinery and the equipment of your plant are governed by the automation with the latest techniques in PLC programming, to produce more in less time and with fewer resources.