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What we do

We at EWS are experienced in electronic equipment maintenance across various industry sectors; we have the necessary resources to predict failures in your production equipment, make it perform at its top efficiency, raise its productivity and extend its service life.

Our company provides integrated industrial electronic maintenance services

We plan your scheduled production shutdowns, which involve technicians qualified in the maintenance field. We diagnose and correct failures in electronic equipment such as PCB’s, Drives, HMI's, PLC's, VFD’s, and UPS’ among others.

We offer maintenance

Predictive maintenance: our experience enables us to know about the potential breakdowns that might affect your company’s industrial machinery.

  • Preventive: a periodic inspection plan and scheduling of corrective maintenance through scheduled stops
  • Corrective: temporary and permanent fixing of failures and breakdowns

EWS performs electronic maintenance on all kinds of manufacturing machinery and equipment. Specifically, we work on machinery and equipment used for food, chemical, rubber and plastics production, offset printing, textile production, metal fabrication, among others.

We also service electrical installations, specially electrical panels and UPS units.

Avoid unscheduled stops due to breakdowns that cause product and work-hour losses

Brands we serve

Electronic world supply’s technicians are certified in all major brands : Emerson, CDP, APC, York, Trane, Heidelberg, Manroland, Ryco, General Electric, Danfoss, Yaskawa, Komori,

Allen Bradley, Siemens, Honeywell, Mitsubishi, Fuji, Kone, Hitachi, Harris, Goss, ABB, and more.

You can avoid the next issue by using our industrial maintenance services.

As experts in the field of industrial maintenance services, we know what the problems in your industry are. Therefore, we manage each and every one of their plant’s maintenance tasks

Rigorously and professionally for our clients. Take advantage of maintenance. Avoid unplanned stops that cause:

  • Delays or complete stops in production
  • Defective products
  • Non-compliance with product delivery deadlines
  • Purchase of expensive electronics for your manufacturing equipment
  • Days of production downtime
  • Unsatisfied clients
  • Personal safety incidents and accidents
  • Financial losses

The aforementioned problems are commonly caused by:

  • Lack of predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Lack of scheduled stops
  • Poor electrical conditions
  • Poorly qualified personnel
  • Lack of knowledge about machinery and absence of a failure record
  • Incorrect analysis during maintenance
  • Low-quality emergency repairs

Why us ?

Dependable Maintenance

Structured Maintenance Plan:  includes maintenance processes and support for a correct operational functioning of your equipment

We design and put into practice preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance plans that cater to your company’s needs. We have adequate facilities where we can service equipment that requires major repairs,

Professionals of proven experience in the field of maintenance. We train our technical staff.

We have equipment documentation available and are equipped with reliable measurement instruments that enable us to provide total service support (diagnosis, consulting and maintenance) in order to avoid incorrect repairs and help make the right decisions.

A deep knowledge of the locations of most potential faults in most types of industrial equipment that comes from the wide assortment of equipment that we have studied and repaired.

Maintenance Outsourcing

Industrial facilities prefer to use our maintenance outsourcing service, which lets them save on fixed costs and unproductive man-hours. One of the alternatives offered by EWS is to pay only for those interventions performed, whether they be preventive, scheduled or corrective.

Response Time  :

We are in a position to respond quickly to corrective maintenance calls due to foreseeable emergencies caused by a lack of preventive maintenance; as well as to calls due unforeseeable breakdowns or accidents that might affect the operation of industrial equipment.