Industrial Electronic Repair Services

About Electronic World Supply  Repair  LLC’s  services

EWS can repair all your industrial electronics. We are able to solve electronics problems and failures in your equipment efficiently, at fair prices and with fast turnaround times. We provide you with our technical experience and high-tech equipment and instrumentation for the detection of electronic failures regardless of their level of complexity.

  • PLASTICS : plastic bag production: Sewing machines (cutting and sealing), Polyethylene Film and Sleeve Extruders, Sealers (cutting and sealing) of Side and Bottom Bags, Flexographic Printers, Plastic Packaging facilities: Injectors and Blowers, Dehumidifiers, Labelers.
  • TEXTILES: Automatic Assembly Machines, Thread Machines, Pressers, Dryers, Centrifuges, Shearing Machines
  • FOOD: Bakery and Pastry Equipment, Bread Ovens, Spiral Mixers, Planetary Mixers, Rolling Machines and  Food Washers, Automated Industrial Cutters and Transporters, among others.
  • GRAPHICS : Web Press Printing , Folding Machines, Guillotines, Industrial Ovens, Cutting Plotters, Printing Plotters, CTP, Conveyor Belts, Sublimation, Sewing Machines, and others
  • AIR CONDITIONING AND REFRIGERATION : Chillers, Touch Panels, Cold Rooms, Ammonia Refrigeration
  • MECHANICAL : CNC Lathes, CNC Milling Machines, Automated AC-DC Welding Machines,
  • INDUSTRIAL LIFTING : Industrial Elevators, Escalators, Cranes, Hoists
  • OTHERS: outsourcing of industrial electronics repair services to contractor companies and independent technicians

Our Expertise

We provide industrial repair services for all your electrical and  or electronic products of different brands; regardless of the manufacturer the models you have; as well as the modernization of its machinery

The following list details the different manufacturers that EWS have repaired and continues to provide services

Why us?

We give repair solutions to your damaged industrial electronics

  • Integral repair solutions for most product manufacturers and obsolescence brands design of printed circuits of obsolescence: equipment or cards that are discontinued or displaced by new technologies can reproduce with the use of test equipment that allows doing the reverse engineering (ATE systems)
  • Repair of electronic devices: reconditioning damaged equipment or cards with new electronic components
  • Automatization and control service for the industry: includes mechanical devices with electronic equipment: plc, vision panel, frequency variators, servo-controllers and drive
  • Advise clients on preventive maintenance and provide solutions to obsolescence based on the experience and knowledge of our Human Team, which translates into profitability for customers: minimization of electronic failures and downtime and industrial equipment

Below is a small list of equipment or parts that we can repair and maintain industrial electronics

  • Analog and Digital Circuit Boards
  • Linear and switching  Power Supplies - Counters
  • Timers
  • Encoders CNC Machine Tool
  • Controls PLC's (Programmable Logic Controllers) and software
  • Industrial PC &  HMI (Monitores, Touch Screens,LCDs) - Treed printer –Switches
  • Temperature Controls - Lasers and Laser Systems- Motherboard -
  • DC Drives -AC Variable Frequency Drives
  • Vector  Drives AC or DC Servo Drives
  • UPS systems, Rectifiers, Inverters  and more

If you have any questions about a specific brand or model, do not hesitate to contact us at the following numbers or email. We are here to help you

Ews has a specialized electronic laboratory that guarantees the repair of equipment and / or parts with functional tests that allow to certify the good functioning of the equipment

EWS HAS A Department of electronic components (new) and spare parts (new and reconditioned) that stores the most common components necessary to solve electronic faults quickly; as well as those components and parts that are considered obsolete.

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