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What we do.

We offer expert support for industries. Our industrial automation services team provides real technical and automated control solutions.

Whether you need to build a custom solution or buy one of our products, our extensive experience will improve your existing processes or systems.

Fast design & implementation of:

  1. SCADA Solutions : Electronic World Supply is able to solve your critical industrial process equipment issues by automating them with our SCADA solutions and Remote Systems.
  2. HMI: InTouch software solutions for HMI Systems.
  3. Process Control Systems : Improve safety and productivity with our process control solutions‎.
  4. PLC Software : Our company works with various sorts of PLCs. We program all the necessary routines, to improve your manufacturing operation by providing a comprehensive solution (software design, installation, and support).

With the right combination of instrumentation, equipment, and our industrial automation services, you will be able to:

- Monitor and control your industrial processes in real-time.

- Manage equipment in real-time.

- Prevent sudden critical stops.

- Prevent equipment failure.

- Get lower operating costs.

- Improve quality and reliability.

Why us?

Short response times

Our automated control solutions will automate your industrial processes quickly and accurately.

The job of automating an industrial process or piece of equipment could take another company many days, months, or more. But Electronic World Supply is an industry leader in remote control because we offer shorter response times than our competitors’, while maintaining very high quality standards.

As a result of implementing high-tech industrial automation solutions, we are able to set up monitoring and control solutions at large factories, industrial facilities, and power plants with remotely controlled systems and PLC-based systems in a shorter time than other companies can offer.

Our industrial solutions keep your factory working.

Moreover, we will help your manufacturing equipment working longer, so technical problems definitely won’t have a negative impact on production schedules and operating costs.

Our qualified staff are experts in automation controls.

Our automation products are designed, developed, and implemented by expert engineers, who are truly qualified to handle and control your electronics, equipment, and software according to the highest standards.

Brands we service

EWS provides industrial controls from all these manufacturers :  Yaskawa, Trane, Siemens, Ryco, Polar, Omron, Müller Martini, Heidelberg, General Electric, Baumüller, Allen-Bradley, Roland, York, and others.