HMI Services and HMI Solution

Our company offers HMI solutions Design and Implementation (Human Machine Interfaces) of equipment or processes of your industry or plant by means of OPC client-server applicationsworth noting that our software is flexible and easy to use.

To see exactly what's happening around the machines in the same scene, in order to react in time and quickly to keep the basic conditions that need your machines and facilities to operate optimally.

Our staff is trained to integrate systems that are responsible for the production of your plant and having knowledge of electrical systems, production control systems, SCADA systems and industrial electronics.

We have a wide range of robust and compatibles industrial components with high technological content at a very competitive price such as (HMI Industrial PCs powerful panels Push, Push Button Panels or "PPs" Multiplatform Panels (MPs) and PCs panel, conventional touch panels and operator (OP / TPs) Text Displays, Licenses for Drivers).

Through a HMI PCs (Panel View) panel you can monitor and / or control:

  • Monitoring in full of some industrial machine.
  • Quality control and production data.
  • Process messages and alarms.
  • Clear and understandable error messages to any user.
  • Trend Curves messages.
  • Records of the process information of your machine or equipment.
  • Among Others.