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The Electronic World Supply (EWS) company started its activities by exporting equipment and electronics repair services for the graphic arts industry. It then went on to offer repair services for all high-demand electronics and electrical parts in the Latin-American market : Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, the Caribbean, among others.

The technical needs of the industrial sector in these countries have become more acute with the passage of time. The high replacement cost of some electronic parts used in industrial equipment and automated processes, the problems in the electric power sector and equipment obsolescence (plastics, newspapers, food, digital printing, etc.), have motivated Electronic World Supply to branch into the provision of electronic services for the industrial sector, specifically in the areas of automation, control and electronic circuit board repair. Thus the company has become a new supplier at the national and international levels, providing its customers with solutions faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost, for dealing with electronic failures in all technologies, whether current or antiquated, regardless of brand names.

Our Support Specialists

Our qualified staff has extensive experience in the electrical sector and applies the regulations in force in the industrial electricity field.

They are able to produce an adequate interpretation of power quality and harmonics studies and provide optimal solutions for the improvement of industrial facilities and their equipment. They are trained in the installation of diagnostic equipment in industrial plants and the use of software tools for the continuous control and supervision of facilities.

We employ highly qualified personnel specialized in the repair and design of Power Electronics circuit board, Electronic Instrumentation circuit board ,  Robotics circuit board  and electronic circuit board  fitted with microcontrollers and microprocessors.

Ews has a specialized electronic laboratory with advanced electronic instrumentation (electronic load, microscopes, oscilloscopes and  VI analyzers) and Automatic test equipment (ATE System) that guarantees the repair of equipment and / or parts with functional tests that allow certifying the good functioning of the equipment

We have equipment documentation available and are equipped with reliable measurement instruments that enable us to provide total service support (diagnosis, consulting and maintenance) in order to avoid incorrect repairs and help make the right decisions

Our automation products are designed, developed, and implemented by expert engineers, who are truly qualified to handle and control your electronics, equipment, and software according to the highest standards

Customer Service

Do not waste any more time searching for good and affordable industrial electrical, electronic, automation and maintenance services. By offering our services at better prices, our company has become a leader in the field. Electronic World Supply will provide your company with expertise. We know that unexpected stops of machinery or manufacturing equipment require fast technical service, as well as polite and specialist-level customer service.

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